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Mandatory Chapter President Fall Semester Onboarding

All chapter presidents must attend one of two mandatory sessions being hosted on August 2, 2020. Emails to presidents and advisors have been sent, but please reach out ASAP to if you did not receive one.

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Help! Searching for a Volunteer for Video Compliation

Are you able to create movies from photos and video clips? We need your help! Please contact for details. This would likely be a less than 4-hour volunteer project and would be due prior to the end of July. Thank you!

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Announcing KE Connect Google Hangout

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Announcing KE Connect Google Hangout

COVID-19 has caused us to seek connection with each other more than ever! We've created a Google Hangout for our alumni groups to support an easy way to text, video chat, and share news with each other!

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Statement of Solidarity

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Alumni Dues Survey

Calling all Alumni! Kappa Epsilon is investigating whether members would like the option to pay their annual dues in installments. Click below to complete the survey!

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Kappa Epsilon Alumni Newsletter

This Spring 2020 Alumni Newsletter highlights the everlasting Kappa Epsilon connections our alumni have created and the memories they continue to develop. Biannually this newsletter will serve to provide resources, references, and an avenue for personal and professional development of our alumni. Be sure to check out the Alumni Challenge! Happy Reading!

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Celebrating 100th Year Anniversary
August 4 – 7, 2021 | Bethesda, Maryland
More information to come!
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The mission of Kappa Epsilon is to unite pharmacy students, faculty, and alumni dedicated to empower its members to achieve personal and professional competence, to develop leaders within the profession and community, and to provide professional and philanthropic services.

Collegiate Chapters

Becoming a Member of Kappa Epsilon typically begins at the collegiate level with entry into a Collegiate Chapter inducted at a college or school of pharmacy. A life journey, your participation as Kappa Epsilon Members places you among a long line of historic greats who have significantly contributed to various disciplines of pharmacy and many communities throughout the United States at the local and national levels.

Alumni Chapters

Alumni Chapters offer the opportunity for Kappa Epsilon Members to continue the fraternal bond and share involvement in National Projects that support the work of Breast Cancer Awareness, health care initiatives and community outreach. To date, Kappa Epsilon offers participation in fifteen active Alumni Chapters in major communities across the United States.


Each Collegiate Chapter is assigned a faculty Advisor by the Dean of the School or College of Pharmacy where the said chapter is established. The Chapter Advisor serves as a mentor and guide for each chapter throughout each academic year and is the cornerstone for consistency over time.

Start a Collegiate Chapter

Three prerequisites must be met at a college or school of pharmacy in order to proceed with the colonization process to induct the founding members and confirm status as a KE Collegiate Chapter.

Our Latest News

Check out our latest news stories. Kappa Epsilon has a lot of things going on and we want you to be able keep up with everything that we do!

Merck/Vanguard Leadership Award Winner 2020

Congrats Laura Wilson (Mu Chapter) Laura Wilson is an Outcomes Liaison Associate Director for the North America Diabetes and Cardiovascular Division (DCV) of Sanofi.   She received her Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Kansas and participated in a...

Alumni Highlights

We would like to highlight one of our amazing Alumni. Sherrill Brown (Delta) was elected Secretary of Knowledge Management for the Library and Information Sig at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (ACCP). Sherrill is also an advisor for Delta Chapter in...

Promotional Video Contest

UF College of Pharmacy Jacksonville (beta alpha chapter)’s completed submission for the Promotional Video Contest: Please click on the link to view Beta Alpha Chapters Video

Prospective Members

Today, both men and women are KE Members. We encourage all pharmacy students who are interested in becoming involved with a professional pharmacy fraternity to consider becoming a member of Kappa Epsilon. All pharmacy students attending a designated college or university where a Kappa Epsilon Chapter is active may contact the respective Chapter President or faculty-assigned Advisor.


The members of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity encourage one another to become capable pharmacists and share the bond of a lifelong commitment of loyalty and friendship.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Kappa Epsilon!