Kappa Chapter – University of Florida-Gainesville

The Kappa Chapter, located on campus at the University of Florida-Gainesville, is constantly working on giving back to our local community.  We celebrate that our event calendar is ever-growing and the number of members are on the rise!

We have expanded our fundraising efforts over the past year. The Kappa Chapter supports breast cancer research through our annual event, “Bowling for a Cure.”  In addition, we work to raise funds to support the March of Dimes, and sponsor a community co-op of women in Rwanda.  Our organization participates in various health screenings to promote breast cancer awareness and also collaborates with other pharmacy organizations.

The Kappa Chapter of Kappa Epsilon Fraternity co-hosts an annual student/faculty bar-b-que along with the fraternal members of the Kappa Psi Fraternity.  The proceeds of our cumulative efforts benefit the local Fischer House.  This event provides our chapter members a unique experience to get to know their professors and chapter advisors, outside the classroom. The Kappa Chapter continually encourages membership from inspiring student pharmacists and we look forward to expanding our membership with our fall recruitment.  We are fortunate that our executive board continually reviews our current objectives, while considering new ideas for the future.  The Kappa Chapter Members are truly dedicated and aspire to achieve our goals and realize new initiatives.