Beta Beta Chapter – University of Florida-Orlando

The Beta Beta Chapter is located at the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy Orlando campus in the heart of Lake Nona Medical City. Founded on April 30, 2004, the Chapter has continued to grow as new classes arrive to the campus every year and are always reaching out to promote Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness. Beta Beta encourages Members to take leadership opportunities, develop professional relationships, and to build brotherhood bonds. We are dedicated to our Members and ensure that everyone has the time and assistance needed for academic achievement. We strive to make an impact on our campus and in the community to represent the profession of pharmacy and the mission of Kappa Epsilon.

Each year the Beta Beta Chapter hosts an Annual Breast Cancer Luncheon and invite a guest speaker who is a breast cancer survivor to hear their story about treatment experiences, their support system, and what they are doing now since winning the fight against cancer. During the luncheon, we hold a Breast Cancer Hat competition where students are encouraged to work in team to put together a little goodie hat, we then donate them to a local breast cancer facility to be given to patients currently undergoing treatment. Since adopting Ovarian Cancer Awareness as our second National Project we have added a “Tie the Ribbons Lunch and Learn” event that students, faculty, friends, and family were invited to come listen to a guest speaker and learn about cancer, specifically breast and ovarian cancers and the treatment or research currently taking place. Throughout the year we raise funds to donate to The Bright Pink foundation at the end of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Fundraisers we usually hold include our annual online silent auction, paint nights, and shirt or pin sales.

Outside of Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness, we hold some annual events on our campus including but not limited to our “Rx for Love Candy Grams” fundraiser where we sell prescription bottles filled with candy for Valentine’s Day and a Mr. COP event, a male “beauty pageant” where men from all classes participate in a best dressed category, talent, and question/answer session with faculty judging and crowning the winner. We are also committed to furthering the profession of pharmacy by encouraging the next generation to consider aspiring to pharmacy through the Pharmacy Career Opportunity Recruitment Project (Pharm-CORP) Program. This program has allowed us to network with several secondary schools and local colleges in the Central Florida area to provide information on the path to pharmacy school.

With each new year brings new opportunities and new ideas since we have such a dynamic group of brothers. Historically, new member initiation is held every year in November of the Fall Semester. We look forward to growing our KE “pharmily” within the Beta Beta Chapter!