Speakers Bureau


All educators and KE members who are interested in teaching continuing education with a focus on pharmaceutical topics and enjoy public speaking are needed.

Each year, through the Alumni Dues Invoice, we inquire if our members are willing to share their expertise by being a part of a Speakers Bureau. This is a great way to give back to Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and share their knowledge with the Community.

Some areas where speakers are needed:

  • The KE Biennial National Convention
  • Regional & Chapter Meetings
  • Special KE Events
  • Professional Fraternity Conferences, Conventions & Events
  • HealthCare Conventions & Festivals
  • Other Pharmaceutical Events & Invitations

If you are interested in being listed among the KE Speakers’ Bureau, please contact the Executive Office at director@kappaepsilon.org. Helpful information to provide as speaker listed among the Speakers’ Bureau include pharmaceutical topics of expertise, geographical parameters of interest, pharmaceutical associations, list of previous speaking engagements and subjects that you’re passionate about teaching others.