Due Dates

Nellie Wakeman Fellowship
February 1
Linda Rodgers Memorial Award
May 15
Career Achievement Award
October 15
KE / Merck Vanguard Leadership Award
October 15


  • Career Achivement Award
  • Linda Rodgers Memorial Award
  • KE / Merck Vanguard Leadership Award
  • Nellie Wakeman Fellowship
  • Letter of Reference

Application forms are available to Members at the KE Docs Page.  Contact the KE Office with questions.

Award Partners

Alumni Awards & Honors

Outstanding Advisor

2013-2015 Maritsa Serimitsos-Day (Alpha Pi)
2013-2015 Dr. Emily Peron (Tau) (HM)
2013-2015 Dr. Kelly Martin (Tau) (HM)
2012-2013 Catherine Hatfield (Upsilon)
2010-2011 Angela Hill (Alpha Xi)
2009-2010 Lynne Mascarella (Sigma)
2008-2009 Kim Broedel-Zaugg (Psi)
2007-2008 Paula Witt-Enderby (Alpha Phi)

Outstanding Alumni Chapter

2013-2015 Phoenix Alumni
2011-2013 Phoenix Alumni
2009-2011 Phoenix Alumni
2007-2009 Greater Triangle Area Alumni

Collegiate Awards & Honors

National Project Excellence

2013-2015 Breast Cancer Awareness to Beta Gamma
2013-2015 Breast Cancer Awareness to Alpha Epsilon (HM)
2013-2015 Pharm-CORP to Sigma
2013-2015 Pharm-CORP to Alpha Omega (HM)
2011-2013 Breast Cancer Awareness to Lambda
2011-2013 Pharm-CORP to Alpha Rho
2009-2011 Breast Cancer Awareness to Psi
2009-2011 Pharm-CORP to Omega
2009-2011 Pharm-CORP to Sigma (HM)
(Biennium TBD) Breast Cancer Awareness to Alpha Xi
(Biennium TBD) Pharm-CORP to Chi
(Biennium TBD) Pharm-CORP to Beta Beta (HM)

Outstanding New Member Recruitment

2014-2015 Alpha Nu
2014-2015 Psi (HM)
2013-2014 Lambda
2013-2014 Rho (HM)
2012-2013 Upsilon
2012-2013 Xi (HM)
2011-2012 Kappa
2011-2012 Beta Iota (HM)
2010-2011 Tau
2010-2011 Alpha Delta (HM)
2009-2010 Beta
2009-2010 Lambda (HM)
2008-2009 Mu
2008-2009 Alpha Omega (HM)
2007-2008 Alpha Pi

Continued Excellence

2013-2015 Alpha Phi
2011-2013 Psi
2009-2011 Alpha Delta
2008-2009 Kappa
2007-2008 Alpha Delta

Outstanding Collegiate Chapter

2014-2015 Alpha Epsilon
2014-2015 Omega (HM)
2013-2014 Alpha Delta
2013-2014 Phi (HM)
2012-2013 Alpha Phi
2012-2013 Alpha Delta (HM)
2011-2012 Alpha Rho
2011-2012 Alpha Pi (HM)
2010-2011 Alpha Phi
2010-2011 Psi (HM)
2009-2010 Alpha Rho
2009-2010 Omega (HM)
2008-2009 Alpha Epsilon
2008-2009 Alpha Phi (HM)
2007-2008 Alpha Theta
2007-2008 Alpha Xi (HM)

Community Service

2013-2015 Alpha Omicron
2011-2013 Lambda
2007-2009 Alpha Gamma

Excellence in Alumni Outreach

2013-2015 Alpha Epsilon
2013-2015 Alpha Beta (HM)
2011-2013 Lambda
2012-2013 Omega (HM)
2011-2012 Psi (HM)
2009-2011 Kappa
2007-2009 Sigma

Distinguished Awards & Honors

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy AACP

AACP Board of Directors

Marilyn Speedie (Pi), President Lucinda Maine (Phi), Executive Vice-President AACP Director of Academic Affairs

Cecilia Plaza (Sigma)

American Pharmacists Association APhA

2009 APhA Gloria Niemeyer Francke Leadership Mentor Award

Marialice Bennett (Epsilon)

2009 APhA Research Achievement Award in the Economic, Social and Administrative Sciences

JoLaine Draugalis (Sigma)

2009 APhA-ASP Outstanding Chapter Advisor of the Year

Cameron Lindsey (Omega)

APhA Foundation Jacob W. Miller Award

Marily Rhudy (Honorary member)

APhA Board of Trustees

Winnie Landis (Pi), President-Elect

APhA-APPM Executive Committee

Kelly Goode (Tau), President Marialice Bennett (Epsilon), President-Elect APhA-APPM Distinguished Achievement Award in Hospital & Institutional Practice

Cathy Worrall (Kappa)

APhA Fellow

Kara Duncan Weatherman (Pi)

Tennessee Pharmacists Association TPA

2012 Bowl of Hygeia Community Service Award Marion Crowell (Alpha Lambda)

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists ASHP

ASHP Board of Directors

Marianne Ivey (Zeta), Treasurer

International Pharmaceutical Federation FIP

2006 Andre Bedat Award

Gloria Niemeyer Francke (Pi)

Ohio Pharmacists Association OPA

Keys Award

Amy Bennett (Epsilon)

Professional Fraternity Association PFA

2012 PFA Career Achievement Award

Lisa Lawson Gibson (Beta)

1991 PFA Career Achievement Award

Gloria Niemeyer Francke (Pi)

University Awards

2005 Purdue Career Achievement Award

Gloria Francke (Pi)

University of Arizona Alumni Association Professional Achievement Award

Robert Pittman (Sigma)

Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Awards Mylan

2013 KE Graduates Award Winners

Amy Givens (Alpha Theta) University of Arkansas)

Kathleen Hunter (Beta Epsilon) Medical University of South Carolina

Kristen Rollins (Kappa) University of Florida-Gainesville

Jacqueline Esqueda-Trevino (Beta Theta) University of the Incarnate Word

Kappa Epsilon Member Awards

Kappa Epsilon has played an important role in the profession of pharmacy by supporting both personal and professional development through continuing education for its members; has promoted and supported projects that address women’s health issues; and has furthered pharmaceutical education and research.
As we encourage Kappa Epsilon Members to achieve greatness, it is important that we acknowledge their achievements. In recognition, Kappa Epsilon takes great pride in bestowing and recognizing the many distinguished awards presented to its valued members over the years.

Career Achievement Award

The Career Achievement Award was created in 1965 to honor a KE Member for their professional accomplishments. It is awarded annually to an alumni member, and the recipient becomes the KE nomination for the PFA Career Achievement Award. A plaque is presented to the awardee. Nominations are screened by the Awards Committee and final selection by Grand Council. Nominations are due by October 15.

Award Criteria:
• Member in good standing
• Participating actively in KE
• Of national or international renown
• At least 15 years of pharmacy career experience

Key of Excellence

The Key of Excellence was established in 1959 to honor an alumni member who has made meritorious contributions to the profession as well as to Kappa Epsilon. The award itself is a key made of yellow gold which carries the lettering Key of Excellence and the coat of arms. Nominations and selection will be reviewed and determined by Grand Council with corresponding vote of Grand Chapter during Convention. The Key of Excellence is Kappa Epsilon’s highest honor.

Award Criteria:
• Member in good standing
• Significant contributions to KE with long-term service to the Fraternity
• Known within the pharmacy community for participation in other associations

KE/Merck Vanguard Leadership Award

The KE/Merck Vanguard Leadership Award was established in 1989 to recognize exemplary pharmacists who are members of KE. Merck & Company, Inc. continues to support this award. It is awarded annually to an alumni member and presented at the Kappa Epsilon reception during the APhA Annual Meeting. Recipients have the option to be featured as a keynote speaker at the Kappa Epsilon biennial National Convention. Nominations are screened by the Awards Committee and final selection by Grand Council. The Awardee receives a plaque and is offered the opportunity to serve as a Continuing Education Speaker at National Convention. Nominations are due by October 15.

Award Criteria:
• Has served as an active participant in KE
• Has made sustained exemplary contributions to their area of practice, professional associations, regulatory bodies, or pharmacy education
• In their community, has demonstrated unique qualities of service beyond self; influencing and helping others, exhibiting innovation, seeking new challenges, and/or demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit

Linda Rodgers Memorial Award

The Linda T. Rodgers Memorial Award was established in 1985 to honor a Kappa Epsilon member who best exemplifies Linda`s characteristics of leadership, dedication, diplomacy, friendship, and inspiration to others to attain higher goals and achievements. Linda Rodgers served as KE Grand Council President from 1981 to 1984, and resigned due to health problems. Later that year, Linda died of breast cancer. This dynamic woman, whose motto was “Do it till they tell you, you can`t,” influenced many people during her lifetime. A $200 award is presented annually to a KE Member; in even numbered years to a collegiate and to an alumni in odd-numbered years. Nominations due by May 15.

Nellie Wakeman Fellowship

The Nellie Wakeman Fellowship is a $7500 award jointly sponsored by the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) and Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Inc. It was established in 1957 to encourage outstanding Kappa Epsilon members to pursue an advanced degree in a college of pharmacy graduate program in the pharmaceutical sciences. Applicants must be in the final year of the Pharm.D. program or have completed the Pharm.D. degree and planning to enroll in a Ph.D. degree, Masters degree or combined Residency / Masters degree at an accredited U.S. College or School of Pharmacy. Consideration is given to those who need financial assistance to further their education. At the time of application, the Kappa Epsilon Member must be in good financial standing with the Fraternity. Applications are due by February 1.

Unicorn Award

The Unicorn Award was established in 1985 to recognize alumni members serving as the leaders, workers, contributors and creators who make Kappa Epsilon a better organization. Nominations and selections are made by the Grand Council. Recipients are honored at Kappa Epsilon’s biennial National Convention.

Award Criteria:
• Active participation and involvement within KE
• At least five years of post-collegiate service to KE. Some examples of service include advising a collegiate chapter, participating in an alumni chapter, serving as a KE National Liaison, serving on a national committee and/or serving on Grand Council.

Past Recipients

Career Achievement:

2015 Sherrill Brown (Omega)
2014 Lisa Braccini-Barletta (Omicron)
2013 Gay Dodson (Xi)
2012 Lisa Lawson Gibson (Beta)
2011 Kimberly Broedel-Zaugg (Psi)
2010 Marilyn Speedie (Pi)
2009 Rear Admiral Robert Pittman (Sigma)
2008 Janelle Sobotka (Gamma)
2007 Jo Ellen Rodgers (Lambda)
2006 Cheryl Robinson (Alpha Pi)
2003 Joye Ann Billow (Chi)
2000 Alice Jean Matuszek (Epsilon)
1995 Rosalie Sagraves (Epsilon)
1989 Lucinda Maine (Phi)
1988 Marianne Rollings (Tau)
1987 Joy Donelson (Alpha Mu)
1985 Mary Berg (Iota)
1983 Evelyn Timmons (Theta)
1981 Susan Bartlemay (Xi)
1977 Barbara Nelson (Pi)
1975 Judith Ozbun (Iota)
1973 Donna Myers (Pi)
1971 Metta Lou Henderson (Sigma)
1969 Jean Barshay (Omicron)
1967 Gloria Niemeyer Francke (Pi)
1965 Eunice Bonow (Zeta)

Key of Excellence:

2015 Denise Schultz (Zeta)
2001 Rosalie Sagraves (Epsilon)
1995 Susan Bartlemay (Xi)
1987 Judith M. Ozbun (Iota)
1985 Jean H. Barshay (Omicron)
1981 Metta Lou Henderson (Sigma)
1960 Marjorie Coghill (Gamma)
1959 Eunice Bonow (Zeta)

KE / Merck Vanguard Leadership Award:

2015 Petra Schultz (Kappa)
2014 Jennifer Ridings-Myhra (Xi)
2013 Celeste R. Caulder (Alpha Lambda)
2012 LeAnne Davidson Kennedy (Alpha Rho)
2011 Cameron C. Lindsey (Omega)
2010 Linda McElhliney (Pi)
2009 Mary Munson Runge (Honorary)
2008 Suzanne Hussar (Omicron)
2007 Amelia (Amy) S. Bennett (Epsilon)
2006 JoLaine Draugalis (Sigma)
2005 Marianne Billeter (Pi)
2004 Denise Schultz (Zeta)
2003 Winifred Landis (Pi)
2002 Mary Losey (Pi)
2001 Mary Louise Anderson (Omicron)
2000 Alice Jean Matuszak (Epsilon)
1999 Mary Berg (Iota)
1998 Marianne Rollings (Tau)
1997 Lucinda Maine (Phi)
1996 Gloria Niemeyer Francke (Pi)
1995 Joy Donelson (Alpha Mu)
1994 Rosalie Sagraves (Epsilon)
1993 Hazel Pipkin (Xi)
1992 Metta Lou Henderson (Sigma)
1991 Evelyn Timmons (Theta)
1990 Susie Bartlemay (Xi)

Linda Rodgers Memorial Award:

2015 Donna Heffner (Omicron)
2013 Gail Jensen (Chi)
2012 Ekeni J. Livingston (Omega)
2011 Lisa Beregi (Alpha Delta)
2010 Jenna Christopherson (Delta)
2009 Margaret Haehl (Pi)
2008 Emily Heil (Lambda)
2007 Elise Ash (Mu)
2006 Lauren Kucharski (Lambda)
2005 Jane Hammock (Pi)
2004 Erika Dittmar Cortes (Kappa)
2003 Lisa Barletta (Omicron)
2002 Mandy Shealey Poston (Alpha Lambda)
2001 Carmela Duva (Epsilon)
2000 Tiffany Strohmeyer (Mu)
1999 Denise Schultz (Zeta)
1998 Angela Browne (Pi)
1997 Kristina Kloos (Alpha Omicron)
1996 Nanette Bultemeier (Pi)
1995 Elizabeth Myers (Lambda)
1994 Daryl Hendrix (Lambda)
1993 Susan Bartlemay (Xi)
1992 Elizabeth Pena Davila-Hargens (Upsilon)
1991 Melanie Beth Hansen (Chi)
1990 Patricia Kuck (Alpha)
1989 Gay Dodson (Xi)
1988 Lisa Cox (Xi)
1987 Brenda Hughett (Pi)
1986 Susanne Scott (Beta)

Nellie Wakeman Fellowship:

2014 Patrick Campbell (Sigma)
2012 Sarah Norman Ashby (Alpha Theta)
2010 Kristin Villa (Pi)
2007 Susan Birket (Mu)
2006 Aleda Hess (Psi)
2004 Teresa Seefeldt (Chi)
2002 Cassandra M. Hancharick (Alpha Phi)
2001 Cecilia Plaza (Sigma)
2000 Cecilia Plaza (Sigma)
1995 Mary Ann Toler Freyaldenhoven (Alpha Theta)
1994 Gina Hurt (Alpha Iota)
1993 Meri Kay Van Veldhuizen (Chi)
1991 Jayne Reading Carter (Alpha Iota)
1990 Sheila Renee Knaub (Mu)
1989 Janet D. Goad (Omega)
1988 Kelley Cunny (Alpha Epsilon)
1987 Danna Ross (Omega)
1986 Monica Gray Holiday (Alpha Epsilon)
1985 Maureen Donovan (Alpha)
1984 Linda Elkins (Omega)
1983 J. Evelyn Lawson (Omega)
1982 Patricia Lurvey (Gamma)
1981 Peggy Hester (Alpha Gamma)
1980 Bernadette Kaminski (Pi)
1979 Carla Brink (Zeta)
1978 Patricia Lee Lurvey (Gamma)
1977 Marilyn Sue Darr (Alpha Kappa)
1974 Georgia Tugend (Omicron)
1973 Susan Kizer (Alpha Lambda)
1972 Lavonne Ann Groth (Gamma)
1971 Phyllis Sawyer (Zeta)
1970 Bonita Herr (Xi)
1969 Florence Pui Fang (Zeta)
1968 Marion Fiedler (Chi)
1967 Marilyn Dix Smith (Epsilon)
1964 Jean Musey Thorne (Alpha Zeta)

Unicorn Award:

2015 Erika Dittmar (Kappa)
2015 Renee Ference (Alpha Phi)
2015 Sandy Hughes (Pi)
2015 Elena Santayana (Alpha Omega)
2013 Dyan Duff (Alpha Delta)
2013 Sloan Fleming (Alpha Lambda)
2013 Elizabeth Kort (Alpha Phi)
2013 Erin Lingenfelter (Psi)
2013 Sara Seng (Kappa)
2011 Linda Byers (Pi)
2009 Sherrill Brown (Omega)
2009 Donna Francioni-Proffitt (Tau)
2009 Catherine Hatfield (Xi)
2009 Jennifer Myhra, (Xi)
2009 Shelly Prince-Stockton (Alpha Iota)
2009 Day Scot (Alpha Xi)
2007 Kim Broedel-Zaugg (Psi)
2007 Kristin Janke (Alpha)
2007 Jo Ellen Rodgers (Lambda)
2005 Elise Ash (Mu)
2005 Jeanie Brown (Mu)
2005 Nanette Bultemeier (Pi)
2005 Margaret Haehl (Pi)
2005 Julie Kreyenbuhl (Alpha Delta)
2005 Cameron Lindsey (Omega)
2005 Angela Massey (Alpha Xi)
2005 Shelly Prince (Alpha Iota)
2005 Stacy Rosemarin (Omicron)
2005 Joyce Sager (Alpha Xi)
2005 Petra Schultz (Kappa)
2003 Linda “Sunny” Munger (Sigma)
2001 Marianne Billeter (Pi)
2001 Cathy Cantini (Sigma)
2001 Jennifer Meglio (Alpha Tau)
1999 Brenda Sue Grass Acker (Pi)
1999 Kathryn “Missy” Halhkat Baker (Professional)
1999 Tina Penick Brock (Alpha Gamma)
1999 Christine Kay Heil Coopman (Chi)
1999 Donna Lane Greene (Epsilon)
1999 Janet Blaich Henglefelt (Sigma)
1999 Susan L. Nyhaug Mogen (Chi)
1999 Rachel Robinson (Advisor, Alpha Gamma)
1997 Carrie Crewson (Eta)
1997 Donna Heffner (Omicron)
1995 Rosemary Dulac (Alpha)
1995 Cathy Hollen (Alpha Iota)
1995 Carlen McLin (Alpha Nu)
1995 Mary Lou Stiles (Alpha Beta)
1993 Lisa Beregi (Alpha Delta)
1993 Mary Berg (Iota)
1993 Joy Donelson (Alpha Mu)
1993 Ida May Englehart (Omicron)
1993 Gloria Francke (Pi)
1993 Jean Matuszak (Epsilon)
1993 Jennifer Myhra (Xi)
1993 Marianne Rollings (Tau)
1993 Ella Smith (Alpha Pi)
1993 Evelyn Timmons (Theta)
1993 Mary Ann Turner (Psi)
1991 Melanie Bienemann (Gamma)
1991 Joye Billow (Chi)
1991 Polly Boyer (Epsilon)
1991 Lisa Braccini (Omicron)
1991 Shirlyn Chaffin (Epsilon)
1991 Rasma Chereson (Zeta)
1991 Rosalie Sagraves (Epsilon)
1991 Denise Schultz (Zeta)
1991 Jean Windesheim (Epsilon)
1989 Lucinda “Cindy” Barkdull (Pi)
1989 Ellen Church (Alpha Beta)
1989 Gay Dodson (Xi)
1989 Rebekah Druetzler (Pi)
1989 Carmela Duva (Epsilon)
1989 Linnea Forsell (Alpha)
1989 Leslie Gardner (Pi)
1989 Metta Lou Henderson (Sigma)
1989 Brenda Hughett (Pi)
1989 Mae Jackson (Lambda)
1989 Anne Lesko (Alpha Omicron)
1989 Patricia Lurvey (Gamma)
1989 Linda McElhiney (Pi)
1989 Judith Ozbun (Iota)
1989 Rose Pan (Upsilon)
1989 Gail K. Ruderman (Gamma)
1989 Dorothy Segerstrom (Sigma)
1989 Excelda Shaw (Chi)
1989 Theresa Staublin (Pi)
1987 Ann Angle (Pi)
1987 Elizabeth Ayers (Lambda)
1987 Jane Brandenburg (Pi)
1987 Theresa Bridge (Pi)
1987 Shirley Cawyer (Xi)
1987 Elizabeth Chalmers (Psi)
1987 Daryl Hendrix (Lambda)
1987 Mary Losey (Pi)
1987 Janice Morton (Alpha Beta)
1987 Deborra Neupert (Alpha Omicron)
1987 Marjorie Preston (Sigma)
1987 Elizabeth Randolph (Epsilon)
1987 Phyllis Supplee (Alpha)
1987 Kathryn Thutt (Lambda)
1987 Vernita Williams (Alpha Xi)
1987 Carol Windisch (Alpha)
1987 Mary Beth Zieglowski (Gamma)
1985 Susan Bartlemay (Xi)
1985 Jean Barshay (Omicron)
1985 Linda Rodgers (Alpha Beta)