Goals for Members

Uniting students of pharmacy across the nation
Cooperating with faculties of colleges where chapters are established
Inspiring members with a desire for high scholarship
Fostering a professional consciousness
Providing a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship

Our Advantages

  • Networking
  • Professional Development
  • Continuing Education
  • Local & National Leadership
  • Community Service
  • National Conventions
  • Alumni Retreats
  • Friendship & Fun!

Kappa Epsilon Members

The members of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity encourage one another to become capable pharmacists and share the bond of a lifelong commitment of loyalty and friendship.

Fraternity life has many benefits, some immediate and some long-lasting. The Kappa Epsilon Fraternity provides its members with noteworthy contacts for professional networking, encourages both personal and professional development, recognizes members’ achievements through awards and honors, provides scholarship and fellowship opportunities, participates in national projects that benefit the community and shares a common bond to make a difference.

Kappa Epsilon members share the attributes of the profession, lifelong friendships, high ideals and the purposes of the Fraternity. The founding members of Kappa Epsilon set very high standards for the Fraternity and its members to enrich their lives and strengthen their dedication to the profession of pharmacy. Together, each member is encouraged and challenged to uphold these standards throughout their college years and beyond.

At Kappa Epsilon you will find friendship, respect, inspiring activities, community service, professionalism, lifelong networking and just plain fun!