The Petition Packet

The Petition
The petition should be written to include the signatures of five Founding Members.

Alumni Member Dues
$55 Alum on Rotation
$60 First Year after Graduation
$75 Second Year after Graduation
$85 Thereafter & Professional Due
Charter Fees
$100 Printed charter and ritual materials
$50 Printed charter only

Contact for Questions

    • VP Alumni Development
    • Executive Director

Founding a New Alumni Chapter

Alumni Chapters serve the mission and purposes of Kappa Epsilon Fraternity by offering opportunities for graduate Members to continue their involvement with the common goal of KE4Life! We invite all alumni to consider joining or founding an Alumni Chapter in their community.

Outlined below are the steps to consider for planning and creating a petition to form a new Alumni Chapter.

Step One

Gather the People

Contact as many current Kappa Epsilon Members throughout the designation area of the said chapter and invite them to a Founders Meeting. Keep in mind that some members may be interested in being the founding members of the initial charter.

Step Two

Prepare a Petition for Charter

The Founders of the said chapter should include at least five (5) Alumni, Professional, and/or Alumni Affiliate Members to write and sign a petition for charter. The petition should include each member’s chapter of initiation, mailing address, email address and proposed name for the said chapter.

Most Alumni Chapter names are reflective of the area of their community, such as, the Greater Kansas City Alumni Chapter, the Greater Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter or the Phoenix Alumni Chapter. With the aspiration of other Alumni Chapters forming in your state, the name selected should be regional for community-wide basis and not state-inclusive.

Step Three

Prepare for Implementation

Set a date and plan a special event for the Founding Members to sign the petition for charter. This event will set the stage for days, months and years to come. It’s a great opportunity to renew friendships, establish chapter goals and plan community service initiatives.

Step Four

Submit the Paperwork & Fees

Founding Members who sign the petition for charter must be current with National dues. Dues for the current year may be included with the petition packet. Local alumni chapter dues may be set and collected, as determined by the said chapter.

The complete packet including the petition to charter, charter fees and member dues should be submitted to the KE Executive Office.