The Benefit

We encourage and promote scholastic and professional development among members
We encourage participation in National Projects that benefit the community
We recognize members through awards, scholarships and fellowships

Collegiate Chapter Information

  • Guidelines for Colonization
  • Chapter Directory
  • Grand Council Directory

Information is available to Members at the KE Docs Page.  Contact the KE Office with questions.

Collegiate Chapters

Becoming a Member of Kappa Epsilon typically begins at the collegiate level with entry into a Collegiate Chapter inducted at a college or school of pharmacy.

A life journey, your participation as a Kappa Epsilon Member places you among a long line of historic greats who have significantly contributed to various disciplines of pharmacy and many communities throughout the United States at the local and national levels.

Grand Council Connections

President Sara Snow
Alpha, Sigma, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Theta, Alpha Nu, Beta Rho

President-Elect Salvatore Bottiglieri
Alpha Omega, Beta Beta, Beta Gamma, Beta Iota, Beta Tau Colony

VP Financial Development Chelsea Burns
Rho, Tau, Alpha Rho, Beta Eta, Beta Omicron, Beta Sigma Colony

VP Alumni Development Lauren Clouse
Beta, Pi, Alpha Phi, Beta Alpha, Beta Mu

VP Collegiate Development Morgan Fleming
Psi, Alpha Delta, Alpha Lambda, Alpha Psi, Beta Epsilon

VP Member Recruitment Christine Kane
Kappa, Lambda, Alpha Xi, Beta Kappa, Beta Nu

VP Communications Kathy Nguyen
Alpha Gamma, Alpha Pi, Alpha Chi, Beta Zeta, Beta Theta

Secretary Kara Willis
Delta, Mu, Alpha Beta, Alpha Omicron, Beta Lambda

Immediate Past President Alissa Lockwood
Xi, Upsilon, Chi, Omega, Beta Pi