Role of the Advisor

Each Collegiate Chapter is assigned a faculty Advisor by the Dean of the School or College of Pharmacy where the said chapter is established. The Chapter Advisor serves as a mentor and guide for each chapter throughout each academic year and is the cornerstone for consistency over time.

He or she needs to be flexible, open minded, objective and provide direction, when needed. An Advisor needs to be accessible and understand their roles may change every year. Chapters will naturally go through highs and lows. The Advisor, however, needs to recognize when additional assistance is needed and call upon the appropriate person, officers and members.

Past advisors have commented that the rewards of being an advisor come back ten-fold. This role can be very rewarding for advisors and beneficial for chapter members. The national fraternity recognizes the vital role chapter advisors fulfill and is grateful to our advisors for their service.
The information included is designed to serve as a tool for advisors to assist local chapters and fulfill the mission of Kappa Epsilon.

The Role of the Kappa Epsilon Advisor:

• Oversee chapter activities and meetings
• Serve as a role model
• Advise, support and guide chapter officers as needed or when called upon
• Be positive
• Offer advice when called upon and critical during the decision making process
• Encourage chapter members to consider the pros and cons when making decisions and reinforce accountability
• Ensure that the ideals and policies of Kappa Epsilon are upheld
• Serve as a liaison between the national organization, chapter and college or university
• Ensure the chapter is meeting national report deadlines and fulfilling other responsibilities as directed by the national fraternity
• Ensure chapter is operating in accordance with university policies
• Instill and reinforce the need and importance of alumni involvement

Resources & Publications

The AOA Mailing: These monthly updates to Alumni, Officers and Advisors are distributed via Constant Contact from the Executive Office and contain information relating to upcoming deadlines and current events.

The KE Website: The majority of resources for KE Members and Chapter Management are now available on the Fraternity website. To protect the security of the Fraternity, the majority of documents are available to KE Members only through the Tools Section.

The Guide to KE: Is a complete guide to Kappa Epsilon Fraternity that includes an overview of the history, national administration, collegiate programming, alumni programming, fraternity traditions, publications, national projects, scholarship programs, awards and other pertinent information.

The National Education Manual: Is a complete guide to be used during the new member education period. The manual provides information new members need to know prior to being initiated into the fraternity.

National Bylaws: Contains rules and procedures governing the operation of the fraternity.

KE Policies: Current policies that are in place to protect chapters, members and the fraternity. These policies outline our rules involving hazing, use of alcohol, sexual harassment and risk management.

Chapter Model Bylaws: A template for collegiate chapters to utilize when developing and/or revising local bylaws.

KE Recruitment Brochure: Highlights the history, mission, and purpose of the organization and benefits of membership. (This brochure is being redesigned.)

KE Chapter Report Forms: All forms required to be completed by chapters to remain in good standing with the national office are available for downloading.

Chapter Visitation Manual: It is the goal of the Visitation Program that each collegiate chapter be visited by either their Grand Council Connection or KE National Liaison once per biennium. The Chapter Visitation Manual is a guide to help chapters prepare for this event. Due to time and geographical constraints, some chapters may participate in a conference call in place of an on-site visit.

Convention Information: Information about each upcoming KE National Biennial Convention with on-line registration will be made available six months prior to the event. In addition, a re-cap and Convention Proceedings containing a complete summary of the national business conducted during the most recent KE National Biennial Convention is provided.

KE Jewelry Order Forms: Each year, our jewelry vendor offers new order forms with prices effective from December 1 to November 30. A PDF copy is available in the Tools Section.

Alumni Dues Invoice: The Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Alumni Dues Invoice is a multi-purpose tool for maintaining KE Member Records and noting members who are interested in serving as a KE National Liaison, Speakers Bureau and writer for articles for The Bond.

The KE History Book: Complete history book containing valuable information about Kappa Epsilon. Many general questions can be answered using this publication. There are a few 75th Anniversary history books available for purchase; contact the Executive Office for availability. Plans are underway for the production of a 100th anniversary history book. Authors, contributors and editors are needed!

The KE Ritual Manual: Contains official rituals and ceremonies of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

The BOND: Is Kappa Epsilon’s official magazine produced twice a year containing fraternity news, chapter news, current events, articles about Kappa Epsilon members and professional news.

Kappa Epsilon Personnel

The Grand Council Officers
The Grand Council consists of volunteers that direct and lead the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity during each biennium period. Each officer is responsible for duties outlined in the national bylaws and is available to answer questions and provide direction to chapters, as needed.

Presides over the National Biennial Convention and at Grand Council Meetings.

Coordinates the planning of the next National Biennial Convention and oversees the activities of all National Committees.

Past President
Serves as an advisor to the President and President-elect and chair of the Nominations Committee.

Records Convention proceedings, prepares roll calls, record minutes from Grand Council Meetings and prepare correspondence.

VP Collegiate Development
Coordinates activities of collegiate chapters; serves in an advisory capacity to chapters, their members and advisors and direct the visitation of chapters; pursue reactivation of inactive chapters and assist the work of the VP of Member Recruitment.

VP Membership Recruitment
Serves as a liaison between Grand Council and collegiate members to recruit new members and educate them about Fraternity laws, policies, procedures, rituals and obligations of membership.

VP Financial Development
Coordinates and oversees the bookkeeper and accountant used by the Fraternity; and oversees the investments, fundraising projects, monitors compliance with the approved budget and guides chapters regarding financial matters.

VP Communications
Oversees the organization and publication of The Bond, the development of the KE website and implementation of other communications.

VP Alumni Development
Coordinates the activities of Alumni Chapters and serves in an advisory capacity to chapters, their members and members at-large.

Grand Council Connection
Each biennium, every chapter is assigned a Grand Council officer to serve as a liaison between the chapter and the national fraternity. This individual will conduct the biennial chapter visitation and be available to answer questions, help resolve conflicts and motivate chapter members. This person is an excellent resource and should be called upon whenever needed.

KE National Liaison
An alumni member appointed by Grand Council that resides in close geographical distance to a school of pharmacy, who will also serve as a liaison between a chapter and Grand Council. They will assist the chapter’s Grand Council Connection in receiving and reviewing chapter reports and may be responsible for conducting a chapter visitation or conference call. The local chapter may express their opinions, issues, and concerns to the KE National Liaison who will contact the appropriate Grand Council Officers.

The Executive Office & Executive Director
The Executive Office of Kappa Epsilon is located in Overland Park, Kansas, and is managed by the Executive Director who maintains all fraternity and foundation operations, coordinates various events and activities and serves as a contact person for chapters and members.

All listed resources and publications are available to the Advisor at any time. The Executive Director and your Council Connection should serve as primary contacts. When needed, any Grand Council Officer is available to assist the chapter throughout the year.